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Our values

Our core philosophy is focused on health care. Like everyone, we have to make a living but we are not a commercial type of health clinic. To make sure we keep our standards at an affordable level, we follow this series of rules:

- We always inform you of the price before starting a procedure


- If a treatment is unsuitable, inadequate or has no known benefit (scientifically proven), we will inform you.


- If we cannot give you a useful diagnosis, we will not charge you and eventually refer you to a specialist.


- If we require tests to diagnose your condition, you can be certain that these tests are useful and not an easy way to make money using obscure medical excuses.

- Medications available at the clinic are selected to lower the financial burden on the patient. A large number of FDA-approved drugs have identical active molecules but very different prices. If effectiveness and side effects are similar, we will suggest you the cheapest available version.

- If you find a medication at a cheaper price elsewhere, we will try to match the price.

- We remain a family business and prefer a direct contact with the patient, avoiding unnecessary staff. Hence the price you pay for a doctor visit only include a single doctor fee, medications and/or medical procedure.

Since Chiang Mai hosts a relatively large (~2%) expat population, we aim to provide a suitable and affordable medical care in the Thai health system. Our services can also be helpful for the 3 million foreigners visiting Chiang Mai every year and individuals who do not fit in the Thai heath system such as hilltribes and refugees.

Our clinic helps foreigners to feel included in the Thai Health system by providing medical care in English, using western procedures (including bed manners, communication and approach to sensitive matters) and bridging the gap between patients and specialist when required.

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