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Travel Medicine

Dr Artima Medical Clinic can help with illnesses that particularly affect tourists and expats alike while traveling in Thailand and neighbouring countries. If you require health information regarding your future (or current) trip, Dr Artima can provide you with the most updated and suitable health plan for you.


We recommend you to have a preventive visit to a travel doctor if you plan an extended stay in rural areas of Asia and travel to less developed countries or regions or in some cases, return to your home country after an extended stay here.

Some preventable infectious diseases such as rabies, dengue, japanese enchephalitis, meningitis, malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc.) are more prevalent in some regions than others.


If you are exploring South-East Asia, we can help speeding your recovery (and keep in touch online with you) when you have one of this common travellers'ailments:

- Diarrhea (due to the change of cuisine, uncooked or unclean food preparation, etc.)

- Food poisoning (unclean food, parasites, unclean preparation and other causes)

- Dehydration (hot, sunny and humid weather)

- Infected wound (contact of a wound with unclean water or soil)

- Ear infection (common following water activities)

- Others (eye infection, skin rash, minor wounds,...)

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