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Cassian Pirard Ph.D

Some publications

Pirard, C. (2022) Characterisation of phosphate mineralogy in Montebras-en-Soumans Pegmatite, Massfic Central, France. EarthArXiv, 3602, 40p.

Pirard, C. (2022) Comparative study of alteration sequences in pegmatitic aluminium phosphates. EarthArXiv, 3627, 49p.

Pirard, C., Hermann, J. & O'Neill, H.St.C.  (unpub.) Focused Melt Transport in the Sub-Arc Mantle. XXp

Pirard, C., Hermann, J., Namur, O. & O'Neill, H.St.C.  (unpub.) Slab Melt Differentiation in the New Caledonia Sub-Arc Mantle. XXp

Pirard, C., Hermann, J., Rubatto, D. & Spandler, C. (unpub.) Zircon Recycling in the New Caledonia Subduction Zone. XXp

Pirard, C. (2005) Geological mapping of the Ferrieres-Izier topographical map, Ardennes Massif, Belgium (in French). Geological Mapping Report, Liege, Belgium, 192p.

Pirard, C. (2005) Cu-U-Se Mineralization of thrust-slice "2400", Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (in French). License Thesis, Liege, Belgium, 123p.

Pirard, C. (2007) Alteration Sequences of the Granitic Pegmatite of Montebras-en-Somans, Massif Central, France (in French). M.Sc. Thesis, Liege, Belgium, 110p.

Pirard, C. (2007) New Caledonia: Geology and Mining. CO2CRC Report, Canberra, Australia, 58p

Pirard, C. (2012) Transfer of Melts in the Sub-Arc Mantle: Insights from High-Pressure Experiments and from the New Caledonia Ophiolite. Ph.D. Thesis, Canberra, Australia, 401p

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