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Cassian Pirard Ph.D

Some publications

Pirard, C. & Charoenpanwutikul (2023) Comprehensive Review of the Annual Haze episode in Northern Thailand. EarthArXiv, 5509, 141p.

Pirard, C. (2022) Comparative study of alteration sequences in pegmatitic aluminium phosphates. EarthArXiv, 3627, 49p.

Pirard, C. (2022) Characterisation of phosphate mineralogy in Montebras-en-Soumans Pegmatite, Massfic Central, France. EarthArXiv, 3602, 40p.

Pirard, C. (2012) Transfer of Melts in the Sub-Arc Mantle: Insights from High-Pressure Experiments and from the New Caledonia Ophiolite. Ph.D. Thesis, Canberra, Australia, 401p

Pirard, C. (2007) New Caledonia: Geology and Mining. CO2CRC Report, Canberra, Australia, 58p

Pirard, C. (2007) Alteration Sequences of the Granitic Pegmatite of Montebras-en-Soumans, Massif Central, France (in French). M.Sc. Thesis, Liege, Belgium, 110p.

Pirard, C. (2005) Cu-U-Se Mineralization of thrust-slice "2400", Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (in French). License Thesis, Liege, Belgium, 123p.

Pirard, C. (2005) Geological mapping of the Ferrieres-Izier topographical map, Ardennes Massif, Belgium (in French). Geological Mapping Report, Liege, Belgium, 192p.

Pirard, C., Hermann, J. & O'Neill, H.St.C.  (unpub.) Focused Melt Transport in the Sub-Arc Mantle. XXp

Pirard, C., Hermann, J., Namur, O. & O'Neill, H.St.C.  (unpub.) Slab Melt Differentiation in the New Caledonia Sub-Arc Mantle. XXp

Pirard, C., Hermann, J., Rubatto, D. & Spandler, C. (unpub.) Zircon Recycling in the New Caledonia Subduction Zone. XXp

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