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Chiang Mai Doctor

Dr Artima Medical Clinic

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

   Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Closed on Sunday


Dr Artima Medical Clinic is a medical practice and small surgery, ideal for all family medicine, treatments and operations, run by a Chiang Mai doctor that truly cares.

Dr Artima is a Thai and Australian qualified GP, who consults in both English and Thai. She has worked as a medical doctor since 2017 in Chiang Mai, and has worked in various hospitals and specialty practices in Thailand and Australia. Dr Artima has also lectured up and coming doctors in Australian universities.

We provide excellent healthcare to the highest medical standards, while keeping your costs manageable. If you have an appointment, we will ensure that it's on time.

To make your visit to the clinic as smooth as possible, it is recommended to book an appointment either on the phone, through this website, or Facebook.



Dr Artima Medical is an English-speaking general medical clinic. Click each below for more information on the different types of services that are provided at the clinic.


Vaccinations & Travel

     - Children vaccines

     - Adults vaccines & boosters

     - Seasonal vaccines

     - Travel vaccinations

General Health

     - Non-life threatening issues

     - Chronic illnesses

     - Prevention

     - Prescriptions

     - Common tourist ailments

Minor Surgery

     - Wound cleaning & suturing

     - Superficial excisions

     - Removal of warts, moles, cysts, etc.

     - Birth control implants and removal

Lab Tests

     - Standard blood tests

     - Specific blood tests

     - Urine & stool exams

     - Tuberculosis

     - Referral for X-ray, U/S, mammogram

Medical Certificates

     - Work Permit

     - Driving License

     - Educational & Professional certificates

     - Banks, Insurances, Pensions

     - COVID-19

Specialty / Packages

     - Health check-up packages

     - IV injections

     - External visit to factories, offices, NGOs       - Online consultation

Contact Us

The clinic can be reached via: Phone, Email, Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp

Find us on Facebook

+66 093-698-4884

+ LINE & WhatsApp

+66 093-698-4884

+ LINE & WhatsApp

+66 093-698-4884

+ LINE & WhatsApp

+66 093 698 4884

+ LINE & WhatsApp

We are located between Chiang Mai & Hang Dong on Canal Road; a few kilometers south of the city centre and a couple of minutes on foot from Mae Hia Fresh Food Market.

Please consult the map below to find our clinic. There are plenty of car parks available at all times in the complex so you do not have to plan extra time to find a safe parking spot.

The clinic is in a business complex called BizPoint10 at number 500/6. This is easily accessible from Canal Road (100m before Mae Hia red lights as you come from the city). Alternatively, a back entrance exists on Highway #3029 (just before Good View and British-Chinese International School).

We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00. However, it is advised to make an appointment or contact the clinic for consultations on Saturday and public holidays.

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