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Cassian Pirard Ph.D


           I am an Earth & Environmental scientist living in Chiang Mai since 2016. Since the early 2000s I have been doing research in universities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia on a variety of subjects including volcanoes, radioactive ores, plate tectonics & the deep Earth and even spent some time working on rocks from the Moon & Mars. During that time I also taught and supervised university students in Earth Sciences and in an advising role for university students in other fields (biology, chemistry, physics, arts, medicine).

           Since I moved to Chiang Mai, my scientific activity is limited to the processing and publishing of old data and small projects here and there to understand and solve local problems. My 'scientific' lifestyle in Thailand is more varied and practical than the fundamental research done previously. It includes a lot of applied science (agronomy, hydrogeology & hydrology, natural risk management, atmospheric sciences) and learning new technical skills.

You can find my CV here           .

Current occupation and services offered
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